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This is your Swift Campout - Cedar Rapids '24 Dispatch, friends!

          We couldn't be more stoked to pack up our bikes and cut loose for a full day of riding and a chill evening by the fire with all of you. This will be our 9th year hosting the annual Summer Solstice bike camping experience inspired by our friends, and devoted bag makers from Seattle, WA Swift Industries.

           Here's the scoop, we've got a roomy group campsite up at Morgan Creek Park just outside of town for the weekend (June 22/23th) and we plan to roll out from the shop by 11am Saturday, June 22th. We've put together two different routes to our campsites to accomodate and inspire folks at every experience lever to team up with us. If this is your first time bike campin, or you're most comfortable with a sub-20-mile ride , we've got a CHILLER 17 mile paved route.  If you're a seasoned bike camper and are comfortable with some gravel, the THRILLER 40-mile mixed-surface route is for you!  You'll find the RideWithGPS route links below. Both route options have a few stops planned along the way to replenish water and grab a snack or lunch. 

This is a big ol' family jam *no drop group ride to camp so just plan on riding at your own pace knowing that we'll always stop to regroup at important intersections and rest points along the way. We got you! The next morning you're welcome to cruise home with us or pack it out on your own timeline.


- Chiller 17ish-miler:

- Thriller 41ish-miler:

- Return ride home! (is the same but in reverse)

A heads up, while there's a collective support system when we ride together, this is a 100% self-supported bike campin' venture, and folks are totally responsible for packing their bike with all the food, water, camping gear, and positive vibes they need to stay comfortable.

If this is your first time bike camping, this is a perfect opportunity to give it a go. Don't hesitate to stop by the shop sometime, we'd love to lend you some perspective and help you wrap your head around loading your bike for the night.  Also, feel free to DM or email ( if you'd like us to send you our pack list for a sub-24-hour overnight ride or if you have any other questions, concerns, or thoughts to share. We'll be in touch as we get closer to the weekend with any final details or updates.


We love you all and we are so pumped to ride our bikes and sleep outside with you all again.

xoxo - Goldfinch Fam! -- Andy, Logan, Lillian, Cam, and Evan